Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flash Back Wira Tunggal & Wira Tunggal Pendekar Laut

This the slot i took from Wira Tunggal Pendekar laut. Which is Dewa Parang are trying to kill Tenwu but was blocked by Harimau Kumbang. This sceen was happen before to recalled back Wunan and other fellow Wira Tempur. Wira Tunggal Pendekar Laut Vol 531 Aku Ialah Pai Wunan

& this also i took it from Wira Tunggal Vol 121 - Penghayatan Mutlak...for the 1st time Harimau Kumbang saved Wunan.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wira Tunggal Pendekar Laut - Preview

Wira Tunggal Pendekar Laut - Vol 499

Wira Tunggal Infiniti - Preview

Wira Tunggal Infiniti - Vol 439

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Preview of next episode No 3 - Perisai Neraka @ Hell Shield

Have you guys read the Wira Tunggal `Final` Episode No.2??? Hahahaha interesting aite!!! So we take a peek towards coming episode No.3 Perisai Neraka. Parang Syaitan was appear at the back of Tenwu while he and Feisha had a fight. Parang Syaitan will bring a big impact towards the fight. Seem to be that Parang Syaitan is ready to smash Tenwu to the ground. What happen next??? Can`t wait for next week issue. Have a nice day!!!

Yes!!! Wira Tunggal `Final` Episode No.2 - Tahap Maksima

Luckly i went to the book store just now and found the 2nd episode of Wira Tunggal Final. Directly i get 1. i`m so excited so i tell you guys first. Hahaha I did not read it yet. Ok guys after i read it i`ll let u guys know or get for your own copy now. Hurry up!!! Its a fight between Tenfung aka Leo aka Topeng Perak and Jerung Gergasi.

The Wira Tunggal Episode No.1. - Sneak Peak - Page 18-19

Lets take a look...
The Wira Tunggal Episode No.1.
Cove Page: Wira Tempur Indera Keramat.
Written and Drawn by:
Wan Yat Leung & Tang Chi Fai.
No of pages:
40 pages.
Published by:
Chien Ling Enterprise.
Starting Betting Price:
Betting Close: 15th May 2009 – 16th June 2009
Place your price now guys...give me your best price to have it.